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Reasons why your Business needs a Lawyer

Think about all the daily events that take place in an SME and you will see how having a team of lawyers will make your life easier because you will have legal advice and protection. Many everyday situations have a great legal burden that it is worth consulting with an expert to do things well and avoid future problems.

1. Shield your relationships with suppliers and customers

How many times have you closed a deal over the phone or exchanged emails? How many clauses would you have removed from a contract but for lack of knowledge or comment? A contract not only avoids many misunderstandings that usually occur but anticipates how we will act in case of disagreement. An attorney will recommend clauses that foresee these situations and protect us. In addition, it may be advisable to include a clause that indicates that, in case of conflict, we will resort to conflict mediation rather than trial, as it is a more economical and faster way of resolution.

2. Curb delinquency

The incidence of this problem in SMEs is high – 71% according to data from American Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprise -;
But what many entrepreneurs are unaware of is that the impact of delinquency can be reduced by paying attention to the administrative
and legal details of the day to day: delivering budget, requesting acceptance, documenting the delivery of the product with a delivery note,
specifying the deliverables of a Project in a service contract …
for all this, and to know if your invoices meet the necessary legal requirements, or to clarify responsibilities in terms of delivery
or quality, nothing better than pick up the phone and be able to consult with a Lawyer quickly and quickly.
They will indicate the appropriate preventive measures to be taken to avoid default and, if it happens,

3. Avoid problems with the use of your customers’ data

Do you know that an action as usual as sending an email to a client with new offers can mean a fine if you do not have your consent?
And it is not to be ignored because the sanctions of the American Agency for Data Protection for non-compliance with the law range from
900 to 600,000 USD. The solution? Have someone expert to ask any questions that arise, in the day to day, with the handling of personal
data of customers and workers.

4. When you plan to hire a worker

The last labor reform has broken the rigidity of the market, allowing the employer many varieties of labor recruitment,
functional mobility of workers, possibility of changing the working day, the schedule, the salary, flexibility in dismissals, etc.
It is advisable to have a good professional advice that helps you to monitor the costs of structure and
to take advantage of the flexibility of the new law, advising you on which contracts benefit you the most,
what rights and duties you have with your workers, … Labor issues can encourage us to hire without fear.

5. Compete in an online environment

The unstoppable rise of new technologies has forced companies to put their batteries to deal with issues such as e-commerce,
personal data protection, electronic signatures, sweepstakes and promotions or comply with the policy of cookies, …
Although the legal aspects are not always clear.

In Internet everything is not worth and it should be taken into account that an infraction committed in the online environment
can obtain magnitudes much greater by the simple fact of its immediacy and amount of affected that can get involved.
It is necessary to have the support of lawyers specializing in new technologies and online security to ensure that our website complies
with all regulations.