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Defending oneself and Hiring a Lawyer

This option is obviously the cheapest and one can defend himself in the first instance, not needing an attorney to present the conciliation ballot , make the conciliation, file the lawsuit or make the judgment.

Although it is not mandatory to have a lawyer, in certain cases the court can understand that it is necessary for the worker to have one for a correct defense of their interests, and can give time for one to hire one or seek one of office .

But on the basis of an appeal to the Superior Court of Justice of each Autonomous Community, it is necessary for the worker to have the advice of a social graduate or a lawyer, and if it is necessary to appeal to the Supreme Court, it will be mandatory Have a lawyer.

The advantage of defending oneself is obviously the reduction of costs, since it is practically free, only what is spent on printing and photocopying the documents that have to be presented and on the journey to the Court.

There are, however, several disadvantages . The main one is ignorance of the Law, how the procedure will be developed, the rights are not known, and the specific practice of each procedure.

It should be noted that the labor law changes very frequently, so knowledge and previous solutions may not be valid. In addition there are times that what is done has fiscal or tax implications and it is better to have some kind of advice.

On the other hand, the company usually has a lawyer who watches over their interests and who knows how to act, so there may be an imbalance during the trial. Public bodies such as Social Security or SEPE will always be represented by a lawyer.