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What is a Legal Will?

“A will is a document prepared by an individual who cares about taking care of his or her property aftermath to their death. A will document is written to clearly show the people who can inherit its ownership and interests and also in case of more than one person is listed for inheritance, the proportion in which the property and the interests has to be split and shared by all inheritors of it. Some of the people prepare their will documents well in advance at an age when their healthy and most of them prepare it either after they become too old to take care of their wealth or when they become bedridden or in case of any disputes and worst case in their death bed – when they are about to die.

A legal will is one that has been written and signed by an individual in presence of two witnesses and is audited by a lawyer, notarized by a notary public. A will document becomes legally valid when it is signed by the person for whom it is written and gets notarized in presence of two witnesses.

There are three parties involved in a legal will, the Testator – for whom the will is written, Executor -the person who shall execute the points and conditions put forth in it) and the Witnesses – people who don’t have any interest in that will and don’t benefit of its execution and are there to simply testify that they have seen it taking place – the signing of it by Testator.

There are ready made drafted will kit Australia available online, that are drafted by experienced will solicitors that are legally compliant. This makes the legal will document drafting process a very easy and quick one, especially for those who are running out of time to get it done.”

How to form a Living Trust for yourself and its benefits


What is a living trust?

The living trust is a legal act of trust that is a revocable trust, in which a person gives to another the ownership of some assets to give it the benefit of a third party. Below is a brief introduction to this vast subject.


Participants of a Living Trust

Trustor or settlor : This is who constitutes the trust, transmitting ownership of the asset or property to the trustee. to meet the specific purpose of the trust.

Trust : In general it can be anyone. Therefore they can be natural or legal persons , public or private, national or foreign. etc. However in the case of financial trust, they can only offer their services as trustees, those subject to the respective or legal persons specifically authorized for this purpose financial institutions law.

Beneficiary : is one in whose favor the administration of the trust property is exercised. It can be a natural or legal person who can not exist at the time the contract or will, always containing the data to allow future identification. You can designate more than one beneficiary and substitutes beneficiaries. If the beneficiary does not come into existence, does not accept, or resignation, the beneficiary will be the trustee and failing that will be the settlor.

Trustee : It is who receives the trust assets once extinguished the trust for compliance with the term or condition.

The essential purpose of the trust is the creation of a separate estate with the trust assets, which are assigned in trust to the trust property, but that does not make up its property.

The trust may be about all kinds of goods that are in commerce, present or futures and determined in the contract or determinable in accordance with the requirements and characteristics therein described. it is important to note that, during the indenture, the trustee becomes the fiduciary ownership of the assets transferred to the duty to administer as the purpose of contract, taking charge of re-transmitting the ownership of the property at the time of termination of the contract. Different types of trust the trust can be established to ensure compliance with debt obligations and to administer property.


How to form a Living Trust

Through the services of a reputed and an experienced attorney who specialize in trust formation and estate planning you can get all the necessary guidance and legal frame work done by them to set up living trusts sun city az. This would be extremely beneficial for you in the long run and helps you to secure your future.


Advantages of having a Living Trust

The living trust is a contract that has been seeing an “explosion” in recent years due to their use, mainly in the field of estate and asset planning, investment, although this does not mean that it cannot be used perfectly in other areas of business and / or lifetime. Guarantee a loan, leaving wills, administer property and secure funding, they are just some examples.

This contract has a number of advantages that make it attractive when making any business and at the same times securing the future of an individual. Undoubtedly, the main thing is the constitution of the fiduciary ownership of the trust assets, resulting in the separation of the Trust Estate of personal assets of the trustees, beneficiaries and the trustee.

Thus, creditors of the above subjects may not use the assets of the trust to collect their debts. Conversely, creditors of the trust may not make avail the personal assets of the parties. Sometimes you can only see -administrator, but never the trustor and/or beneficiaries.

Another advantage of the trust is the flexibility it has. According to the nature of the business, the contract may be given a proper structure to each particular case, providing the specific characteristics of each project.

It also has the unique feature of not having legal personality, but it is a contract that serves as a means to meet specific purposes. Instead, it has legal personality, as stipulated by the current legislation.

Depending on the type of living trust and the agreed clauses certain advantages, here are some that usually apply to all or most trust agreements are obtained:

  • Incapacity management
  • Managed assets under living trust are indefeasible.
  • No probate required
  • Accounting and independent audits.
  • Tax benefits.
  • It can be used to perform unlimited purposes, in so far as they are legitimate.


When do you need a Probate Attorney ?

Probate in legal terms is establishing the validity of a will and it is a process in legal system that comes in place when a person for whom the will is written dies and the mentioned successor or inheritor in it is required to be transferred the rights of the owning of assets or real estate mentioned in the will.

What is a Will? It ??is an act written by which a person disposes of all or part of the destination you want to follow their goods for after his death.

If there is a will start succession? Always start sequence , although there is a will, in this case is called probate.

A probate lawyer or probate attorney is a legal representative of the deceased and is assigned and performs the responsibility of executing the will of the deceased and initiates the probate process of transferring the ownership rights to assets mentioned in will to the inheritor or successor mentioned in the will. Through the services of a probate attorney sun city az any legal inheritor can check the legal probate process and get their inheritance established in court.

It is possible to avoid probate if a person can do an estate planning of his assets with the help of an estate planning attorney and creates a living trust.

When does Probate come in the legal process of succession or inheritance

The sequence includes the transmission of active and passive rights that make up the deceased ‘s estate to the surviving spouse, descendants or ascendants of the deceased, and instituted by will by the person before his death.

There are two types of sequences: – The succession without a will, which are the majority and – The probate (with Will).

The inheritance consists of all assets (buildings, furniture, vehicles, stocks, investments) and liabilities that form the estate of the deceased. The heir is only liable for the payment of debts to the value of existing assets in succession. Thus the law guarantees the personal assets of the heir to and not compromised by accepting a heritage with more debt than you goods. This is called inventory profit. The heirs are designated by law or by will.

Legitimate Heirs: Are those that happen because the law so provides based on the family bond that unites them with the deceased are heirs legitimate children (descendants), parents (ancestors), spouse and collateral relatives of the deceased to the fourth degree, namely , brothers, nephews, uncles and cousins ??(in that order). the law provides commands that determine which are more high on the list excluded from succession to those in a lower order. Although an heir is presented with a will, the courts usually publish edicts ordering the same, to ensure that there are no heirs heirs and the will is valid.

While writing a will you can appoint a lawyer in the will to process the succession and this is a part of estate planning. If the person who makes a will can leave appointed lawyer who wants probate processed promptly, being of their trust.

How to Create Your Legal Will Online

We all know that life is short and almost half of it we spend them to carry out our responsibilities, and yet again some of our responsibilities are inherited, whereas most part of it are those created by us whenever we took in people into our lives, when we acquired wealth and such. It would give us an enormous peace of mind if we can secure our future survival with a part of our wealth and if we leave the remaining property to be inherited by someone post our death. The fear of what will happen to things after we are gone, who shall govern them will easily go when we have created our will document and this also makes us feel that a great burden of responsibility has been kept aside.
It is well advised to prepare and keep a will document when we are young and healthy with a sound mind enough to take the best decision possible, because at an old age due to the pressure caused by a situation and when a will is written in a hurry we may not be able to share it to people who took care of us and so shall deserve whatever we left behind after our death. Also, preparing a will document alone is not enough, getting it audited by a lawyer and notarized is important to make it legally valid.

Nowadays, with the aide of internet and technology, a lot of legal procedures and formalities involving paperwork have been made to be available online for quicker and easier preparation. There are online will centre in the web, where people can find readymade drafted versions and templates of a will document using which a legally binding will that are safe and secure can be easily created in few minutes.